List of articles from – 3/2019

Water quality of the Prague’s streams. Part 2: tributaries to the Šeberák pond and to the Hostivař reservoir

The possibility of a recreational use of some of the Prague reservoirs is limited mainly by the quality of the tributaries. The article follows the previous one and sums up the results of the water quality monitoring in selected profiles of the tributaries of the Šeberák pond (the Vestecký and the Kunratický streams) and of the Hostivař dam (the Botič and the Pitkovický streams) during 2018.

Mathematical estimation of watercourse bathymetry – Bathy_supp software

Topographic data play an important role in the hydrodynamic modelling of flood events. An accurate and precise digital elevation model (DEM) with a bathymetric description of the river channel is often required. DEMs can be derived from various data sources, e.g. ground surveying or remote sensing techniques.

Runoff generation monitoring on the hillslopes of Jizera and Šumava Mountains using tracing experiments for MIPs model

The contribution presents experiments with artificial rainfall and a tracer in the Jizera Mountains which are indispensable for hillslope modelling with MIPs (Multiple Interacting Pathways [1]). Experiments on 2 hillslopes in the Lužická Nisa catchment in the Jizera Mountains and on one hillslope in the Šumava Mountains are described in detail.