11–12 October 2023

Magdeburg Water Protection Seminar 2023 – “Extreme hydrological events and their consequences in the Elbe catchment area”

Organizer: Internationale Kommission zum Schutz der Elbe

Venue: Karlovy Vary

Subject areas:

  • Minimizing the consequences of extreme hydrological events
  • Impacts of climate change on water resources and ecosystems
  • Recultivation of areas affected by mining
  • Pollutants and their dynamics in the aquatic system

For further informationsee https://www.ikse-mkol.org/

19–23 June 2024

16th International Conference on Urban Drainage

Organizer: Delft University of Technology

Venue: Delft, Netherlands

For further informationsee https://icud2024.org/