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Investigation of hyporheic biofilms of the Vltava river in Šumava national park with regard to juvenile rearl mussels, their feeding requirements and sufficient oxygen saturation of interstitial water

The research on biofilms has been ongoing within the project “Strengthening and protection of the pearl mussel population in Šumava NP” since 2018, when suitable research methods and procedures for studying the development of biofilms on hyporheic sediments (e.g. incubation of glass beads versus incubation of river sediment, granulometric survey of bottom sediments) were sought and tested, and the most suitable locations for the placement of experimental facilities were selected.

Discussion forum Water management in the landscape

On March 28, 2019, the Czech Science and Technology Water Management Society and the Czech Limnological Society held a discussion forum on Novotný lávka in Prague, the topic of which was “Water Management in the Landscape”.