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Workshop on Water Footprint

On May 22, 2019, TGM Water Research Institute, p.r.i., organized a workshop on Water Footprint. The expert guarantor was Ing. Libor Ansorge, Ph.D. The workshop was attended by nine domestic and foreign experts dealing with water footprint assessment (WF).

Ways of biowaste management in Prague and in selected major cities of the European Union

Biowaste or waste subject to the anaerobic or aerobic decomposition has become a problematic component of the municipal waste due to the use of green spaces, especially in the large cities with a high population density.

Workshop “Water Footprint”

On May 22, 2019 Water Research Institute TG Masaryk v. V. I., In Prague organized a workshop complex domestic and foreign experts dealing with the issue of assessing the water footprint.

Drain or re-use?

Now is the time when even in the Czech Republic we have to save water. In our households do not use it for flushing toilets, used water reuse for irrigation, etc.

WRI, p. r. i. – Co-organizer and participant of the conference Analytics waste

In the Water Research Institute of T. G. Masaryk, p. r. i., specialized institutions operates in the field of waste management – Centre for Waste Management (CeHO). Since 2001, CeHO contributes significantly to the provision of professional support Waste Management Department of the Ministry of the Environment.