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Possibilities of using old topographic maps from the years 1763–1768 for evaluating the development of water bodies and the potential for their renewal

Potential of water areas restoration is a hot topic in present landscape planning. The focus is usually on water areas from mid-19th century where their location is quite good due to maps’ positional accuracy. Yet, we can also use older Austrian military survey from 1763–1768, which enables us to locate dams of water areas and assess potential for restoration of these areas.

Pay it forward – Alias from which is the Průhonice Park producing biomass of cyanobacteria for the Hostivař water reservoir?

The UNESCO World Heritage Site – Průhonice Park is visited by hundreds of thousands of people annually. The view of the park ponds, however, has been immaculate in the past five years because it is covered by a continuous layer of cyanobacteria forming a water bloom.