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Unrealized tower water tanks

This paper presents several cases of unrealized elevated water tank projects in the Czech Republic. It deals with the technical solution of unrealized objects and at the same time presents the reasons why the designers, official bodies or investors led to the search for another solution.

Monitoring of waste services for sorted components of municipal waste in the Capital City of Prague

Management of each municipality, region or state needs for its decision-making and planning basic input data, which prove actual facts. The easiest way to obtain data on production and waste management is to monitor at pre-set regular intervals.

Ways of biowaste management in Prague and in selected major cities of the European Union

Biowaste or waste subject to the anaerobic or aerobic decomposition has become a problematic component of the municipal waste due to the use of green spaces, especially in the large cities with a high population density.

Determination of basic typology of elevated water tanks

This paper introduces an initial effort at a systematic approach to the typology of elevated water tanks for the purpose of solving the research project Elevated water tanks – identification, documentation, presentation, new use. It builds on the previous definition of the terminology of the problem and the definition of the object of interest. From a typological point of view, elevated water tanks are seen as an integral part of larger technological units – water supply systems. In the framework of the basic division, the typology of elevated water tanks is based on the selection of parameters – the building situation of the tower reservoirs in relation to other objects, the function of elevated water tanks, the supporting structure, the shape and material of the accumulation tank, the number of tanks and the purpose of the object.

Water towers – research project mapping the development and a form of tower water reservoirs on our territory

The paper presents a summary of input information about the research project Water towers – identification, documentation, presentation, new use. It deals with the development of tower water reservoirs in the present territory of the Czech Republic from the beginning of their creation to the present.

Interview with experts on the topic of water resource protection zones

The interview deals with the analysis of the current situation in the area of water protection zones often discussed today. The questions are answered by experts Ing. Jiří Novák of Vodárenská akciová společnost, a. s., Brno and Ing. Petra Oppeltová, Ph.D., from the Mendel University in Brno.

Actual situation of the protection zones of water resources problems

The current situation in the field of water resources protection zones in the Czech Republic is problematic for a long time, not only in terms of their definition, but also the correct setting measures or data availability to the public.

Water towers – re­‑use of specific industrial heritage

The issue of a new usage of industrial heritage (often referred to the concept of conversion) is the current trend of today. Also, water towers shutdown from water networks and stripped of their original mission can offer instead of decay or demolition attractive alternatives to new life.