Water Management Technical and Economical Information Journal (VTEI Journal)

ISSN 0322–8916, On-line ISSN 1805-6555

Water Management Technical and Economical Information Journal is a technical peer-reviewed journal published by T. G. Masaryk Water Research Institute, p.r.i., continuously since 1959. Since 1999 the journal has been distributed as a supplement of Vodní hospodářství journal. It focuses on the research results from the area of assessment and protection of hydrosphere and management of wastes.

The journal is indexed in the current list of Non-impacted Reviewed Periodicals Published in the Czech Republic (published at www.vyzkum.cz) approved by the Research, Development and Innovation Council of the Government of the Czech Republic. VTEI Journal now comes back after ten years as an independent, respected and modern Journal in a new graphic design.


Water Management Technical and Economical Information publishes original articles about the research results in the field of hydraulics, hydrology, hydrogeology, water chemistry, radioecology, hydroinformatics, cartography in water management, water technology, water supply, waste water treatment, waste management, applied ecology, hydrobiology, revitalization, water quality, pollution control, water management of the economy, social issues related to water and sustainable use of water resources. There are also published organized papers (state of art) summarizing the significant results achieved in the given topic field and their theoretical or practical consequences and connections, especially in Central Europe, as well as review articles and short reports on current events in water management and problems in science and technology, environmental protection and others.

Peer-review comments

All specialized articles are evaluated by two independent reviewers. Principles of the peer-review process in detail can be seen here.

Preparing and submitting the manuscript

The authors are recommended to send the title and a short summary of their work to the editorial office as a source and information material for the Editorial Board. After the theme of the article is approved by the Editorial Board, the author will be asked to present the whole manuscript. Paper Manuscript Instructions can be seen here. The article is then reviewed by two independent reviewers from academic and expert sphere. The author is informed about the result of the review process and asked to incorporate the reviewers’ revisions. After that the article is accepted and will be published as soon as possible. If errors are found after publication, the publication of correction will be performed.


Authors should be limited to those who make a substantial contribution to the submitted work. Others who provided little or partial contribution, should be added in Acknowledgement. By submitting the paper to the editorial office, the author grants the VTEI editorial office a non-exclusive license to publish the paper in print and electronic form. This does not affect the copyright and property rights of the article. Articles published in journal VTEI are subject to the Creative Commons License Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0). Authors should follow the publication ethics, which rules are available here.


We detect plagiarism with a Similarity Check tool (a service provided by Crossref and powered by iThenticate text comparison software from Turnitin.).

Complementarity with I4OC standards

The journal complies with I4OC standards for open citations through the Cited-by service enabled by the Crossref organization.

Status and periodicity

The journal is published every two months, which is published in print (ISSN 0322-8916) as well as online (ISSN 1805-6555). On-line access introduces articles professional public and contributes to greater citation.

Both forms of the journal are free.

Journal Archiving

The VTEI magazine is archived by the National Library of the Czech Republic. Archiving takes place 4 times a year. Authors who publish in VTEI may also archive versions of their works in institutional or other repositories of their choice.

Press run

The journal is published in an edition of 700 pieces.

Open Acces

VTEI is an open access journal, publishing and reading articles are both free of charge.