List of articles from – 1/2020

Growth and decline of fishery in Poděbrady and Nymburk Estates from the point of view of historical hydrology

This contribution presents a current occurrence of drought periods and declines of fishponds (including entire fishpond systems), in Poděbrady and Nymburk counties. Such relation is not straightforward, when we consider fishponds as reservoirs of water and energy.

Fishponds in Hracholusky Reservoir drainage basin – results from screening

Series of 16 fishponds was monitored as a part of a drainage basin of Hracholusky reservoir, which is subject of a recovery project. All the fishponds were eutrophic – hypertrophic due to wastewaters from villages and little cities (including overflows from sewers) and/or due to too intensive production of “hunters ducks” – the phenomenon that is rarely mentioned.

Ing. Pavel Horák, CSc. died.

Dvacátého čtvrtého listopadu, na sklonku minulého roku, zemřel Ing. Pavel Horák, CSc., který pracoval v našem výzkumném ústavu na brněnské pobočce téměř čtyřicet let.