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Possibilities of using old topographic maps from the years 1763–1768 for evaluating the development of water bodies and the potential for their renewal

Potential of water areas restoration is a hot topic in present landscape planning. The focus is usually on water areas from mid-19th century where their location is quite good due to maps’ positional accuracy. Yet, we can also use older Austrian military survey from 1763–1768, which enables us to locate dams of water areas and assess potential for restoration of these areas.

Ponds as a subject of scientific research

Ponds shape the landscape in many places in the Czech Republic, and in some areas they are even the dominant landscape element. The most famous current fishpond area is undoubtedly Třeboňsko, but we can find other important systems.

River basin monitoring to assess the impact of nature-friendly measures

As part of the Drought project, a comprehensive monitoring of watercourses and land in their catchment areas was launched in the Czech Republic to assess the impact of the implementation of revitalization actions to protect against the effects of drought.

Pond systems in selected regions

Ponds are an important and organic part of the landscape in the Czech Republic through ages. They are spread over most of the area of the republic and have different functions besides the one which is historically the most important – fish farming.

Assessment of the relationship between water quality and functions of small water reservoirs

Small water reservoirs are one of the principal elements of agricultural landscape in the Central European context. The monitoring of the quality of aquatic environment of selected ponds and small reservoirs (SWR) in areas of southern and central Moravia and the Vysočina Region was carried out in 2013 to 2015.