hydrological modelling

Impact of climate change on runoff and development of forest composition in the coming decades in a selected river basin in Slovakia

Climate change is a global phenomenon that affects changes in forest composition. Therefore, the article deals with changes in forest associations as a result of global climate changes. The aim of the research was estimation of change in forest associations under climate change on the runoff processes in the selected river basin. We used two land use scenarios with forest associations and two global climate change scenarios. Land use scenarios were created for the entire territory of the Slovak Republic by the Technical University of Zvolen. The outputs of the KNMI and MPI regional climate change models (both with A1B emission scenario) were used for this research. As a result of climate change, changes in forest composition can be expected.

Study on the assessment of the effect of nature-friendly measures in the Olešná in Pelhřimov catchment area using the BILAN, HEC-HMS and HYPE models

A catalogue of natural restoration measures was created within several research programs under Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic, especially in the program for hydrological draught mitigation. As a next step suitable catchments for their application were identified. With use of hydrological models, the effect of designed restoration measures on three aspects of hydrological regime was assessed.

Response variability of selected hydrological models to typical temporal distributions of short-term precipitation

The article presents a selection of outcomes of a three-years’ project named “Variability of Short-term Precipitation and Runoff in Small Catchments and its Influence on Water Resources Management“. Its aim was to provide to the public the newly derived typical temporal distributions of subdaily precipitation, also known as design rainfalls.

Classification of small watersheds for the rainfall-runoff modelling in the Czech Republic

This article introduces a classification of small watersheds in the Czech Republic in terms of potential hydrological response to a set of design precipitation time series. Watershed classes as well as precipitation time series were derived as a partial result of a three-year project aimed at the design of typical soil conservation measures and small water management structures

Web services for the provision of design rainfall

In the field of GIS support for hydrological modelling there has been distinct evolution towards so called web services, which enable the users to obtain necessary input data for modelling in a fast and effective way. With respect to design rainfall data – one of the key component – the deficit has been considerable.