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Surface Water Status Assessment for the Third Cycle River Basin Management Plan of the Czech Republic

The aim of this article is to acquaint the professional public with the summary results of the assessment of chemical status and ecological status/potential of surface water bodies “river” and “lake” categories in the Czech Republic for 2016–2018.
This assessment is one from the basis for preparation of the Third River Basin Management Plan (2021–2027) at all its levels: sub-basin plans, national plans, and international plans of the Elbe, Danube, and Oder river basin districts.

Environment for life program and projects solved in TGM WRI

Environmental protection is one of the important societal needs. Appropriately oriented applied research is also necessary for its fulfillment.

Space-time dynamic of pesticide loading in the drinking water reservoir Švihov

The article deals with space-time dynamic of non-polar and polar compounds load into the drinking water reservoir Švihov in Želivka river basin during the whole vegetation season by passive sampling techniques. The monitoring on the nine tributaries of the Švihov water reservoir and on the raw water inlet to the Želivka drinking water treatment plant took place for eight months from April to November 2018.

Test of sorption filters on the base of granular activated carbon for drinking water cleaning

The contribution presents model tests of sorption efficiency and elimination of organic substances, especially pesticides from five different exposed granular activated carbon (GAC). Results can contribute to the understanding of suitable filter lines for the realized investment project GAC filtration.

Interview with RNDr. Marek Liška, Ph.D., Head of the Vltava River Basin Laboratories Department

Interview with RNDr. Marek Liška, Ph.D., Head of the Laboratory Department of the Vltava River Basin on the topic of water quality, micropollutants and other interesting points.

Selected methods of environmental assessment

The paper outlines the possibilities of selected environmental assessment methods. Its aim is to highlight the growing need to devote to this integral science discipline more in the Czech Republic as well.

Expert Seminar “Problems of Inspections of Waste Water Treatment Plants under Section 15a of the Water Act”

On September 11, 2018, under the auspices of the expert group Waste Waters – Cleanliness of Waters at ČVTVHS, z. s., and in cooperation with the Technical Group of the Czech Aquatic Association at the Czech Water Association, an accredited seminar focused on the revision of the 50 EO house-cleaning facilities.

Expert workshop Evaluation of surface water status for the period 2013–2015

On March 21, 2018, a seminar on the assessment of surface water status for the period 2013–2015 was held at the Novotného lávka in Prague, under the auspices of the Waste Waters-Purity Waters Group. The event was organized by the Czech Science and Technology Water Management Company.

Classification of surface water quality

This article deals with new Czech Standard 75 7221 Water quality – Classification of surface water quality [1] and replaces the previous 19 years old standard [2]. It was necessary to take into account actual demands of the surface water protection from two points of view: pollution indicator selection and current environmental quality standards. The range of pollution indicators and limit values of water classification were revised.

Professional seminar The impact of hydrological drought in 2015 on surface water quality

Almost the entire 2015 precipitation was below normal and on the contrary temperature significantly above normal. Precipitation deficit began to show early in 2015 and peaked in mid-August with a further deepening in the autumn months.

The quality and evaluation of surface waters – presentation of the project

The research team, consisting of experts from the TGM Water Research Institute, p. r. i. (RNDr. Dana Baudišová, Ph.D., Ing. Tomáš Mičaník, Ing. Eduard Hanslík, Ph.D., Mgr. Denisa Němejcová and others), started from February 2016 work on the research project “The quality and evaluation of surface waters”.

Seminar “New legislation in water protection”

On June 22, 2016 was held on Novotného lávka in Prague, under the auspices of the expert group Waste water – water purity seminar “New legislation in water protection”, accredited by the Ministry of Interior.