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Modern municipal services in solid waste management usually include cleaning and cleaning of public spaces, collection, transport, recycling and disposal of generated waste. Solid waste management services are among the most expensive and complicated municipal work systems for the public. At the same time, it can also be the least awarded communal service. Water, electricity, firefighting and police protection meet the daily needs of residents and businesses fundamentally and immediately. Therefore these services are given a much higher priority by the community and its leadership. Waste management services are usually one of the most minor „fragrant“ public services, but their flawless functionality and efficiency have far-reaching implications. The legislation serves to ensure the sustainability and uniformity of the waste management process. Regulations governing the waste management of municipalities in the Czech Republic have been updated for a long time this year, and to date (1 July 2021) Act No. 541/2020 Coll., On waste and Decree No. 8/2021 Coll., The Catalog of wastes, are effective. The second implementing regulation, the Decree on Waste Management, is currently in the Government‘s Legislative Council. Its release is expected during July. The following article describes what changes these regulations bring for municipal waste management and how to prepare for them.