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Assessment of the possibility of changing the use of dry reservoirs

The main objective of the project „Potential use of dry reservoirs in landscape water management“ was to develop a methodological guideline describing the procedure for changing the use of a dry reservoir. The methodological guideline is based on a two¬ level multi¬criteria analysis. Another aim of the project was to make a complete record of implemented dry reservoirs and polders in the Czech Republic and to present it in the form of a database and a map with professional content. Documentation of the technical condition of some existing dry reservoirs was also an important output of the project.

Adaptation of towns and municipalities to floods and drought

This article is available in Czech only. For translation or more information on this topic, please contact author.   Souhrn Realizace komplexních adaptačních opatření je v posledních letech významným trendem ve všech velkých městech a obcích Evropy. Potřeba přizpůsobení se změně klimatu, vyznačující se střídáním krátkých a intenzivních povodňových epizod [1] a dlouhých období sucha,… Read more »

Vranov dam: research of bottom outlets and crown spillway

Waterwork Vranov was completed in 1934, where at that time innovative technology of Johnson-type and cylinder regulating valves was used. During their operation, they did not require major repairs, only routine maintenance and minor repairs was made.

Měření malých průtoků pomocí měrných přelivů

Příspěvek prezentuje výsledky hydraulického fyzikálního výzkumu měrných přelivů pro měření malých, resp. minimálních průtoků. Výzkum se zaměřil na určení součinitelů přepadu pro nízké přepadové výšky.

Interview with prominent Czech hydrotechnician prof. Ing. Vojtěch Brož, DrSc.

Interview with prominent Czech hydrotechnician prof. Ing. Vojtěch Brož, DrSc., about his career in the field of water management, his view on contemporary water works and their creation, etc.

Determination of minimum residual flow values in the Czech Republic

Article is based on the amendment to Act no. 254/2001 Coll. pursuant to the wording of Act no. 150/2010 Coll., the Ministry of Environment has been charged with the task of drafting a Government regulation on the method and criteria for determining the minimum residual discharge values.

Warning system for the Prague water system against micro-pollutant pollution

Physicians with a little exaggeration claim that a healthy person does not exist, only to be met with a poorly-diagnosed patient. This claim can also be applied to drinking water and wastewater.