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The construction of large hydraulic structures in the context of ideas and ideologies

This paper deals with some aspects of the relationship between man and water demonstrated via the example of large hydraulic structures constructed in the Czech lands. Based on this relationship, principles of the practical functioning of ideas and ideologies, including religion, can be presented. It is not just about “pagan” cults, aiming directly at worshipping water as a living being. Christianity also significantly influenced the framework in which water management operated across the centuries and, at the same time, new ideas associated with the Enlightenment and the Industrial Revolution during the 18th and 19th centuries. A key part of the paper is focused on the topic of the construction of large hydraulic structures in the 20th century, which was particularly intensive in its second half. It also mentions political, ideological, and natural changes which were, at the beginning of the 21st century, reflected in man’s relationship with water resources and the possibilities of influencing them.

Čistá voda – zdravé město: Využitelnost stávajícího systému sběru informací pro naplnění cílů projektu

Příspěvek představuje část projektu Čistá voda – zdravé město, který se zabývá predikcí možného výskytu nebezpečných chemických látek v tocích při haváriích a povodních. Seznamuje s databázemi, které jsou v současné době k danému tématu vedeny, a s jejich praktickou využitelností.

Drought management and water reservoirs construction in the context of spatial planning

In the Czech Republic long-term protection of localities suitable for surface water storage (LASW) is done. Currently the number of them is 65; in the near future this list will be updated. The protection of these areas, however, has impacts on social and economic development of communities, local people and on the landscape itself, too.