Operational Programme Environment

Subsidies from the Operational Programme Environment 2021–2027

On 15 December 2022, calls from the Operational Programme Environment (OPE) 2021–2027 were finally launched for projects in the field of nature conservation and landscape protection, which will be financed through the so-called simplified reporting methods (hereinafter SRM). Simplifying the administration of subsidies was one of the main requirements of the European Commission, which it set as mandatory for all projects with total expenditures of up to EUR 200,000.

How to learn the level of legal and technical principles for the application of blue infrastructure

The Czech Republic does not sufficiently create the necessary conditions for the conceptual approach to urban drainage based on the principles of a sustainable development. The Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic, responsible for the water management, ignores how much a strict implementation of a sustainable drainage system, especially the blue-green infrastructure, could positively impact urbanized areas’ adaptation to climate change.