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HAMR: online drought management system – web presentation to the public

Drought and water shortages are concepts that need to be spaced properly differentiate. Drought is a temporary decrease in water availability and is considered a natural phenomenon. Drought is characterized by its gradual onset, considerable area and long duration.

HAMR: Online drought management system – operational management during a dry episode

Increasing occurrence of drought periods in the Czech Republic has highlighted a necessity of legislation modification. At the same time, a need has emerged for tools supporting decision making and water resources management at various levels during the drought periods.

Seminar Dry Period 2014–2017: Evaluation, impacts and measures

On the 30th of May, the Dry Period 2014–2017 seminar took place at the Novotného lávka in Prague: evaluations, impacts and measures organized by the Czech Scientific and Technical Water Management Company in cooperation with the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute and the TGM Water Research Institute.