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Bottom level estimation of water management infrastructures from historic project documentations

Monitoring and maintenance of water management infrastructure require knowledge of their reference state characterizing their design parameters. The reference state is derived primarily from the available project documentation, which is appropriately chosen to be converted to a digital model of the bottom terrain.

Possibilities of extrapolation of digital terrain model raster DMR 5G

Airborne laser imaging (LiDAR) has been carried out throughout the Czech Republic, enabling the creation of raster of digital model of terrain. This material is widely used in various fields. From the point of view of hydrology demands, however, the shortcoming of this technology resides in the absence of accurate/complete channel topography due to the absorption of the near-infrared laser beams by water.

The accuracy of flood extent simulation by an alternative tool – AIZM

The estimation of the extent of inundations is enabled by methods of physical and mathematical modelling which have been developing for many years. Increasing accuracy, related to precise measurements, demands higher computing capacity and more time.