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Drought in the Upper Metuje Basin in 2014–2019

In the years 2014–2019, there was a historic drought in the Czech Republic. The Department of Hydrology and Hydrogeology of the T. G. Masaryk Water Research Institute has been carrying out long-term hydrological and hydrogeological observations in the upper Metuje basin where this drought manifested itself significantly. The upper part of the catchment area of the Metuje River is located in the Police Cretaceous basin geological formation.

Hydrological and hydrogeological conditions of the Lišanský stream near Rakovník

The article describes hydrological and hydrogeological conditions in a small part of the Lišanský stream catchment near Rakovník. Natural conditions of this area have been influenced by human activity from the 15th century.

Influence of barometric pressure on the water level at the observation wells

The article deals with the influence of barometric pressure changes on water levels in monitoring wells and other groundwater observation boreholes. An analysis of the problems involved in measuring the groundwater level was performed.