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Vranov dam: research of bottom outlets and crown spillway

Waterwork Vranov was completed in 1934, where at that time innovative technology of Johnson-type and cylinder regulating valves was used. During their operation, they did not require major repairs, only routine maintenance and minor repairs was made.

Measurement of low flow rates using measuring weir

The paper deals with the results of measurements of the weirs suitable for measuring small or minimal discharge. The research is focus on determination of the discharge coefficients for low weir heads. The results of measurements for triangular, rectangular and circular weir are present.

Hydrotechnical research of a sector gate

The article deals with the hydraulic and structural assessment of a sector gate in Děčín and Český Krumlov based on the evaluation of experimental measurements performed on a physical hydraulic model In the Water Management Laboratory of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, CTU in Prague.