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Research of important groundwater sources of Czech-Saxony transborder region

An interesting and useful topic that can be addressed within the European Union is the issue of transboundary aquifers. Groundwater is often used as an important water resource on both sides of a common state border and can therefore be affected by cross-border waters.

Simulation of the restoration of the meander Jordan of the Orlice River and its impact on the adjacent quaternary aquifer

An urgent issue of the water management institutions in the Czech Republic is enhancement of the water retention in the environment. One of the solutions presented by Elbe river basin authority is restoration of the meander Jordan of the Orlice River.

Environment for life program and projects solved in TGM WRI

Environmental protection is one of the important societal needs. Appropriately oriented applied research is also necessary for its fulfillment.

Warning system for the Prague water system against micro-pollutant pollution

Physicians with a little exaggeration claim that a healthy person does not exist, only to be met with a poorly-diagnosed patient. This claim can also be applied to drinking water and wastewater.