hydrometric measurements

Weisshuhn flume in Žimrovice

The CHMI Ostrava branch has repeatedly had the opportunity to measure water flumes, mostly during verification measurements of minimum residual flows, measurements for structural wear, or revision of flow measurement curves. As part of these measurements, it was a very valuable experience to get to know these undoubtedly very interesting waterworks, which are often also technical monuments. Part of these activities includ-ed measurements and subsequent modelling of Weisshuhn flume in Žimrovice. This article summarizes and comments on the partial results of these activities. One of the tasks was to determine the critical points in terms of water losses in the Weisshuhn flume. Although these phenomena do occur, the numbers are not significant, as illustrated by the results of measurements and modelling. Different types of devices were used for the measurements; mostly ADCP devices, namely RDITeledyne StreamPro, SonTek RiverSurveyor M9, and SonTek Teledyne RS5. MIKE 11.