The Czech Technical University in Prague

Doc. Ing. Dr. Pavel Fošumpaur works in the Department of Hydraulic Engineering, Faculty of Civil Engineering at the Czech Technical University in Prague. He graduated in Water Management and Water Structures at the Faculty of Civil Engineering and then in the same field he received the title Dr. He specializes in hydraulic engineering constructions, reservoirs and water management systems, waterways and navigation and physical and mathematical modeling. He is a member of the Czech Water Management Technical and Scientific Society, the Czech National Committee for Hydrology and the Czech Navigation and Water Routes Association. Doc. Fošumpaur and his team were awarded diploma of academic Theodor Ježdík in 2013 for a set of research works aimed at solving the hydraulic problems of water works within the framework of the renewal of the Vltava waterway between Týn nad Vltavou and České Budějovice. He is a member of the team of independent experts for Critical analysis of flood mitigation project in the Czech Republic from a strategic perspective for the Ministry of Agriculture.