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Interview with Ing. Petr Kazda, Director of Partnership Environmental Foundation

Do you know Tree of the Year, Planting for the Future, and the Adapterra Awards? And do you know what an Open Garden is? Do you use Greenways? All this and much more is related to the Partnership Environmental Foundation in Brno, whose director since 2019 has been Ing. Petr Kazda. Why is climate change a challenge for him that can bring us new opportunities?

Watermills and windmills as a meeting place

There were many attempts in the past to establish a holiday of Czech mills, which could be related to the holiday of St. John of Nepomuk or even lesser-known saints such as St. Senan or St. Vinok. Therefore, our colleagues Rudolf Šimek (for watermills) and Jan Doubek (for windmills) agreed to organize a joint event for the anniversary of the creation of the legendary mill emblem on 13th May 1116. They also invited archivist and molinologist Jan Škoda to cooperate and approached the owners of several mills to see if they would support the event. There was a wave of very positive reactions, so they decided to organize a big event called Mill Open Day, which will take place on Saturday 11th May this year.

Interview with prof. Ing. Pavel Pech, CSc., professor at the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague

the future be over water rather than oil and land? Why is he more afraid of genes than climate change? And is it better to build dams and large water reservoirs, or establish ponds, wetlands, and pools? What is his opinion on artificial intelligence? These are just some of the topics that I discussed with prof. Ing. Pavel Pech, CSc., long-time head of the Department of Water Resources and Environmental Modeling at the Czech University of Life Sciences (CULS). “I’m from Hnojárna,”* he says about himself with a smile, and it does not sound pejorative at all – after all, he is the founder of the Faculty of Environmental Sciences at CULS in Prague.

Interview with Petr Havel, founder of the Naše voda web portal

Mr. Havel, at our last meeting, you said you started out as a drummer in a big beat band and you also wrote lyrics. How long is the journey from music to water manage-ment and environmental protection? It is, of course, a long journey and has been lined with a number of unrepeatable coincidences and… Read more »