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Influence of the revision of ČSN 75 7713 (2015) on the results of abiosestone determination

It is shown in the article, how the revision of the Czech methodical standard for abioseston analysis in water ČSN 75 7713 from December 2015 and the lowering of the limit value for abioseston in the Decree No. 252/2004 Coll. (drinking water quality) from 10 to 5% influenced results of routine laboratories.

Use of Earth remote sensing methods to monitor the condition of bathing sites

The Ministry of Health in cooperation with other related bodies compiles, on an annual basis, the List of outdoor bathing sites on surface waters where the bathing service is offered by the operator, and other surface waters used for bathing. It is compiled based on the long-term monitoring, performed, exclusively as in-situ measurements, by the regional hygiene stations. With respect to the fact that this way of monitoring is not only time-consuming but also financially demanding, the need for minimizing these expenses naturally arises.

Water recreation in Prague from history to the present days

When we looked back to the history, we found out that water recreation in Prague had a long tradition. The Vltava river lidos were very popular as a leisure activity in Prague. A possible expansion of places for swimming and water recreation in Prague represents the main aim of the project – Possibility of water recreation in Prague (from history to the present days).