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Impact of snowmaking on streams in the Giant Mountains

The paper analyses effects of snowmaking on stream flows in the Giant Mountains, detailed analysis of runoff conditions and differences in amount of water contained in technical and natural snow. Attention is paid to possible interaction between water abstraction and water pollution.

Air temperature and precipitation on the meteorological station Bučnice in the Upper Metuje catchment

The paper deals with the analysis of time series of air temperature and precipitation at the meteorological station Bučnice in eastern Bohemia, which is operated by the TGM Water Research Institute.

Risk assessment of drying up of small streams in the Czech Republic

A categorization of the Czech Republic territory in terms of the risk of drying up of small streams (1st to 4th order by Strahler) was proposed. Three levels of risk (low, medium and high) for basic hydrological units (catchment) were set. The risk levels were defined using selected abiotic characteristics of the hydrological units and their combinations.

Possible compensation of negative climate change impacts using the localities for potential accumulation of surface water

The list of localities potentially suitable for accumulation of surface water (LASW) exists in the Czech Republic from the beginning of 20th century.