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Drought warning system and local threshold limits

Droughts and floods are extreme hydrological phenomena that are currently increasing in frequency due to the growing impact of climate change, and can have significant effects on our lives. Within the “PERUN” research project, an assessment of drought conditions and their development in the Czech Republic is being developed, along with the innovation of the warning system by the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (CHMI). Drought is a natural phenomenon characterized by a gradual onset, long duration, and low dynamics, which requires a specific approach. The amendment to the Water Act introduces the obligation of regular reporting on drought and the establishment of a predictive service to be conducted by CHMI. Tools are being developed for long-term prediction of water resource conditions and a methodology for drought and water scarcity management plans. These plans aim to ensure water supply, protect the environment, and minimize the economic impacts. The decision-making body for issuing measures based on the drought plans is the Drought Commission, which operates at the regional level. The warning information is available on the HAMR web portal, which also displays local threshold limits for individual water resources.

Draft content of the drought and water scarcity plan in the Czech Republic

The paper presents the draft of the plan for drought and water scarcity in the Czech Republic. The plan is a basic document of drought protection. It serves to coordinate activities in a given area during drought and water shortages.

Hydrological balance and available water resource in the czech republic during hydrological drought

The article deals with the assessment of the hydrological balance in a monthly time step in the territory of the Czech Republic, which was divided into 133 sub-basins for the period 1981–2015.

The drought management plan in the Czech Republic

The paper presents the preparatory phase of the draft of the drought management plan in the Czech Republic in the commenting process. The plan is a basic document of drought protection.

Observed changes of hydrological balance components regarding the available water resources

This study investigated changes in time series of hydrological balance components using trend detection.