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Potential of the nature-friendly measures application for water retention in the landscape and improvement of the ecological status of water bodies

An analysis and assessment of the nature-friendly measures potential for water retention in the landscape were carried out as a part of the work on the concept of protection against drought impacts in the Czech Republic.

Hydrological modeling of precipitation­‑runoff process in the “Husí potok“ basin

The aim of the project “QJ1520268 The new procedures of optimization system integrated protection area in the context of their economic sustainability“ is to create a design optimized system of anagement of water and soil resources in the long term, including balancing the soil‑plant‑atmosphere system and also in order to reduce the impact of climate change on agricultural ecosystem, which is highly topical issue today.

Complex system of natural water retention measures against erosion and flash floods

A complex system of flash flood and erosion protection measures was designed for almost 80% of the Czech Republic. It is made mainly from natural water retention measures on agricultural land and water courses.

Evaluation of the land consolidation process in the Litava basin

Under the project New procedures of optimization of integrated protection area systems in the context of their economic sustainability, analysis of plans of collective equipment was done within the complex process of land consolidation based on data from all branches of the State Land Office in the Litava basin.