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One hundred years ago, director Olga Růžičková was born

This article is available in Czech only. For translation or more information on this topic, please contact author. V letošním roce by se dožila režisérka a scenáristka Olga Růžičková1 (rozená Sixtová)2 sta let. Narodila se 10. února 1921 ve Velimi3 a zemřela poměrně nedávno, 18. října 2019, v Praze-Spořilově v důsledku vážné nemoci. Čtenář tohoto… Read more »

One hundred and fifty years ago, the Water Act No. 71/1870 was issued

This year it has been exactly one and a half centuries since the issue of the Czech Provincial Act No. 71/1870, about how water can be used, collected and defended.

Climate change in dryas and at the beginning of the Holocene – rise in ocean levels and its impact on the migration of civilizations in the Middle East and the Indian Ocean

Today’s history or archeology is nowadays a highly developed field that that has long since surpassed during the twentieth century, its original, rather humanities, focus – at a deeper acquaintance with a number of published articles or monographs, however, you can find a deficit in relation to the relatively recent findings from climate change history.

A multi-part and audience success story of Czech Television “Vltava in Pictures”

Within the Czech Television Documentary Cycle “Searching for Lost Time” (460 parts), a separate section (the so-called thematic ministry) “Vltava in Pictures” was also presented, which presented the longest river Vltava in the Czech Republic. The set of documentaries has a total of 86 parts (26 hours of broadcasting time) and systematically progresses from the source of the river to its confluence with Elbe in Mělník.

Expected cruise of Roman ships from Carnunt to Mušov – I

Discussed the issue of the possible use of transport Morava River and Thaya to Musov can be divided into two historically documented, relatively short time, the stages where you can find only minimal mutual respect.

The oldest in paper form documented use of water power in Bohemia at the Únětický brook

This contribution is the first of a series of thematically similar articles – the author would like to familiarize the reader with the oldest recorded reports on the utilization of the energy of watercourses in Bohemia during the early Middle Ages.

Legal relations to waters during the reign of the Luxembourg dynasty

This year could every citizen of our country record a truly remarkable anniversary – the 700th anniversary of the birth of Charles IV.