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The drought management plan in the Czech Republic

The paper presents the preparatory phase of the draft of the drought management plan in the Czech Republic in the commenting process. The plan is a basic document of drought protection.

Interview with prof. Ing. Zdeněk Žalud, Ph.D., a professor at the Mendel University in Brno on climate change

The media respond primarily to the current situation and because of the higher incidence of extreme situations, such as drought episodes, heat waves, the occurrence of intense precipitation, their commenting is naturally a more frequent media theme.

No wonder that is drought

Historic civilizations have dried up, archaeologists find them under sand deposits. The oldest great civilization was in Mesopotamia on the territory of present-day Syria between the Euphrates and Tygris.

Estimation of water withdrawals in the Czech Republic

The article presents the results of a Project TD020113. This project was focused on the estimation of future water withdrawals in the Czech Republic between 2030 and 2050. We analysed four possible social-economic pathways of the Czech society.

Stochastic management of the open large water reservoir with storage function with using evolution algorithm

Described models are used random forecasting period of flow line with different length. The length is shorter than 1 year. Forecasting period of flow line is transformed to line of managing discharges with same length as forecast.

Cooperation of Water Research Institute and Povodí companies, state enterprise within the framework of radiation monitoring network of the Czech Republic

The paper sums up the legislative framework and cooperation of TGM Water Research Institute and Povodí companies, state enterprises.

Actual situation of the protection zones of water resources problems

The current situation in the field of water resources protection zones in the Czech Republic is problematic for a long time, not only in terms of their definition, but also the correct setting measures or data availability to the public.

Drain or re-use?

Now is the time when even in the Czech Republic we have to save water. In our households do not use it for flushing toilets, used water reuse for irrigation, etc.

Interview with Ing. Daniel Pokorný Director of the Department of State Administration of Water Management and River Basin Management at the Ministry of Agriculture

Interview with Ing. Daniel Pokorný Director of the State Administration of Water Management and River Basin Management at the Ministry of Agriculture on the topic of surface water and flood protection hydraulic structures.

Water management effect of water transfers

As part of the measures aimed at the current issue of mitigating the flood damage caused by the occurrence of a significant drought, attention was focused, among other things, on water transfers between sub-basins of watercourses.

The oldest in paper form documented use of water power in Bohemia at the Únětický brook

This contribution is the first of a series of thematically similar articles – the author would like to familiarize the reader with the oldest recorded reports on the utilization of the energy of watercourses in Bohemia during the early Middle Ages.

Selected results of reported River Basin Management Plans in the Czech Republic

River Basin Management Plans data processing enables obtain not only detailed summary of results, but also appreciates relations between partial results and their significance to achievement of specified objectives.

Process of implementation of Directive 2007/60/EC on the assessment and management of flood risks in conditions of the Czech Republic

The purpose of the Directive 2007/60/EC on the Assessment and Management of Flood Risks (Flood Directive) is to prevent or reduce negative consequences of floods by preparing flood risk management plans.

Surface water body typology category river in the 1st and 2nd cycle of River Basin Management Plans and its consequence to ecological status assessment

Surface water body delineation and setting a typology are one of the initial steps during Water Framework Directive implementation (WFD) [1]. The first delineation and typology was prepared in 2004–2005 for the first plans, but all the results were significantly changed in the second cycle 2009–2010.

Reporting of River Basin Management Plans under Water Framework Directive in 2016 in the Czech Republic

In 2015 the River Basin Management Plans (RBMP’s) for the 2nd planning cycle under Water Framework Directive were designed and approved. According to the Directive the copies of the RBMP’s were sent to the Commission by 22. 3. 2016.

Bases and historical context of the planning process in the field of water

Water planning is a systematic conceptual activity which implements the requirements of the Water Framework Directive.

Interview with Ing. Berenika Peštová, Ph.D., deputy minister of the environment on the topic of water planning

Interview with Ing. Berenika Peštová, Ph.D., deputy minister of the environment on the topic of water planning and questions to the issue of water law.

At the Oroville dam in California breach occurred of overflow objects

After February 10, 2017 information about the imminent bursting of the dam Oroville was reported in the media. This article adds details.

Seminar Protective zones of drinking water sources from surface sources

On 20. 12. 2016 was held seminar Protective zones of drinking water sources from surface sources in the House of technicians in Prague.

The answer to the reaction SOVAK CR to the article Unnecessary hysteria surrounding the use of glyphosate

As a supporter of substantive discussions, I would like to submit one more clarification as a reaction to response of Ing. Ondřej Beneš, Ph.D., MBA, LL.M., SOVAK CR representative.

Events of the Czech scientific and technical water management company

In 2016, the standard activity continued when the committee of company met ten times, including one at the exit meeting.

Flow of the curve of the Podkrušnohorský canal

This article pursues the hydraulic research of flow of the curve in the Podkrušnohorský canal (PKP). Measurements were conducted on a physical model.

Pond systems in selected regions

Ponds are an important and organic part of the landscape in the Czech Republic through ages. They are spread over most of the area of the republic and have different functions besides the one which is historically the most important – fish farming.

Example of using the active anti­‑abrasive struction – double willow watling

The article deals with issue of water reservoir banks stability in places where the abrasion is developed, and possibility of using active anti­‑abrasive protection that is designed from natural materials.

Agriculture bare soil surface evaluation using stereophotogrammetry

The article deals with the development of agriculture bare soil surface using the stereophotogrammetric method. It describes and compares the development of selected soil characteristics investigated on four types of field cultivation.

The importance of catchment characteristics in terms of intensive erosion runoff formation threat level

We located almost 130 000 critical localities near to urban areas where eroded material can enter the urban area. These localities were divided into five threat categories. Detailed modelling by WaTEM/SEDEM provided an extensive database of almost 130 000 micro catchments with outlet profiles threatened by intensive erosion runoff, and classified by five categories of threat for infrastructure damages.

Interview with a head of the Department of Irrigation and Landscape Engineering at the Faculty of Civil Engineering doc. Dr. Ing. Tomáš Dostál

Interview with a head of the Department of Irrigation and Landscape Engineering at the Faculty of Civil Engineering doc. Dr. Ing. By Tomáš Dostál on the topic of universities and recruitment of students, floods and droughts.

Actual problems of small water reservoirs

The workshop on the issue of small reservoirs was held at the headquarters ČVTVHS in the convention hall no. 217, Club technicians, Novotného lávka 5, Prague 1, on 27 September 2016.

Looking back at the seminar Adolf Patera 2016

Traditional seminar of Adolf Patera was held on 16 November 2016 at the headquarters of Czech scientific water company (ČVTVHS), Club technicians, Novotného lávka.

Response to the article Needless hysteria surrounding the use of glyphosate

SOVAK CR has been involved and active in the coordination group and subgroup to protect water for the preparation and implementation of the National Action Plan to reduce the use of pesticides (NAP), which sets out a series of measures and tasks for individual ministries and other bodies.

Influence of position reservoir in the watershed at an adaptive control of the storage capacity

In recent years, it is possible to observe more frequent occurrence of hydrological extremes, there is a more frequent occurrence of floods and deepening drought.

Quantifying the retention characteristics by the means of geomorphological patterns of the basin

In the presented study we tested the selected sets of linear and nonlinear regression models, that describe the relationships between the selected parameters of hydrological model Bilan, which were estimated using the meteorological, hydrological series, and between the retention characteristics estimated using the selected geomorphological patterns of the river basin.

Water towers – re­‑use of specific industrial heritage

The issue of a new usage of industrial heritage (often referred to the concept of conversion) is the current trend of today. Also, water towers shutdown from water networks and stripped of their original mission can offer instead of decay or demolition attractive alternatives to new life.

Application of the water unavailability factor for characterisation of water use in LCA studies in the Czech Republic

The following article summarises the results of testing a method for the characterisation of water use in the system of life cycle assessment in the Czech Republic. The chosen method allows for robust expression of water use in the equivalent values of the reference system.

Use of wastewater­‑based epidemiology for monitoring of illicit drugs consumption in Czech and international context

This paper presents a brief summary of information about the project Determination of the amount of illicit drugs and their metabolites in municipal wastewater – new tool for obtaining of complementary data on illicit drug consumption in the Czech Republic and about the 2nd International Conference on “Wastewater‑based drug epidemiology“, which was held from 11.–15. 10. 2015 in Ascona, Switzerland.

Hydrological modeling of precipitation­‑runoff process in the “Husí potok“ basin

The aim of the project “QJ1520268 The new procedures of optimization system integrated protection area in the context of their economic sustainability“ is to create a design optimized system of anagement of water and soil resources in the long term, including balancing the soil‑plant‑atmosphere system and also in order to reduce the impact of climate change on agricultural ecosystem, which is highly topical issue today.

Characteristics determining the stability of woody debris on the example of Morava River in the Litovelské Pomoraví

Wood is an important part of streams, affecting their hydraulic, morphological and biological features. For the stream management and flood risk reduction it is important to know the characteristics that increase the stability of wood and prevent its flushing at high water stages.

Interview with director of SOVAK ČR Ing. Oldřich Vlasák

Interview with director of SOVAK ČR Ing. Oldřich Vlasák on the theme of water law, separation of powers and the OPE.

Professional seminar The impact of hydrological drought in 2015 on surface water quality

Almost the entire 2015 precipitation was below normal and on the contrary temperature significantly above normal. Precipitation deficit began to show early in 2015 and peaked in mid-August with a further deepening in the autumn months.

Needless hysteria surrounding the use of glyphosate

In the last issue of the journal VTEI (5/2016), the reader can get acquainted with the opinion of SOVAK ČR to support “as soon as possible a complete ban on the use of glyphosate,” with regard to the possible contamination of surface waters with this substance (the main ingredient of total herbicides Roundup type) and its residues.